Our Family

We’re just a family from California who are humbled to be part of the Lord’s work!

Matt first got to know about ministry overseas in high school when his family moved to Jamaica. Rachel grew up knowing about missions because her grandparents were long-term missionaries. Growing up and through college, we both knew we wanted to spend our lives in ministry, but didn’t know where (yet). We both studied everything we could to prepare us for that – business, Bible, counseling, education, missions. We both even collected survival guides and training manuals, thinking that might help us wherever God took us!

Then after college came the fun and funny 5 years that we were friends and completely resisted the idea of romantic interest in each other. God changed both of our hearts and we realized that this great friendship could become the beginning of a great marriage. We’ve been married since 2008, and we love this journey that God has put us on together!  Our new teammates Abigail (2010) and Naomi (2013) round out a very fun family who love calling Malawi our home.

Floreens 2015

Matt, Rachel, Abigail, and Naomi – August 2015

For fun, we all love to be creative. For Matt, this looks like being a MacGuyver handyman and problem-solver, and enjoying photography. For Rachel, it’s trying all kinds of culinary arts, sewing just about anything, and exploring new places. Abigail’s imagination takes her all kinds of places, and she appears to be a budding artist.  Naomi shows signs of being the singer in the family, but we’ll have to wait and see what else she has to offer!

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