Nebraska Team!

We disappeared out of the blog world for a while, because we’ve been busy! We’ve had a team from Omaha, Nebraska, here for the past couple weeks, and we’ve been really enjoying this time! There are 7 members of the team, including an electrician, a handy-man, a couple of expert painters, a couple of doctors, and a physical therapist. With all these talents, they’ve been helping with construction on the church office, running VBS, working in the medical clinic, and running mobile medical clinics in the villages.

Here are some highlights from a medical clinic last week in the neighboring village of Mtzlesa.

August09 12
Calvin checks a child’s blood pressure and vitals before sending him to see one of the doctors.

August09 13
Tracy and Kristin took up the role of pharmacists.

August09 14
One of the IBF interns, Bright, on the far right, helping translate for Dr. Wood.

August09 16
Jim, with the translation help of another intern, Erica, sharing the gospel with a patient as they wait for a doctor.

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