Big Dog, Little Dog

As promised, a post on the dogs. Matt and I are both “dog people,” so we didn’t hesitate when the Hulleys asked us to dog-sit. The Hulleys are the former tenants of our house, and were involved at International Bible Fellowship. They needed some time to figure things out in Zimbabwe before they bring the dogs over, so we have been able to borrow Hedges and Jack.

Dogs 5
This is Jack. He’s a friendly Jack Russell terrier. His role in home security is to be first alert and wake up Hedges.

Dogs 4
This is Hedges. He’s a mastiff, but everyone in the neighborhood calls him “the lion,” except for the plumber who called him “the elephant” by mistake. =) His role in home security is to bark. He doesn’t really need to do anything else…

Dogs 3
I guess when you’re that big, you can sleep any way you like.

Dogs 2
As with most big dog/small dog combinations, Jack thinks that he and Hedges are great friends. He runs, jumps, and plays, and Hedges just gives him a look that says “Are you serious?” Poor friendly Jack!

Dogs 1
The Hulleys should be back in the next few days to pick up the dogs. In the meantime, we’re on the hunt for our own dog. Something big, but not too big, friendly, but also a good guard. We’re thinking of a lab, but we’ll see what we can find here.

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