We Love What We Do – Part 4

Besides teaching, there are a number of other things that occupy Matt’s time as Associate Pastor for International Bible Fellowship Church.



First up: Administration. Matt’s the guy who keeps the church accounting books, who organizes the extra things like church picnics and camps and men’s events, and who makes sure that everyone shows up on Sundays for all their ministries – from setting up chairs, to the sound guy, to the children’s Sunday school teachers. He’s the behind-the-scenes guy who strives to equip our church members for the work of service (Eph 4:11-13).  This role works hand-in-hand with…



Relationships and Discipleship.  It’s hard to equip someone for service if you don’t know them. Matt spends a lot of time with people, getting to know them, walking with them as they learn and grow. He intentionally invests his time and the wisdom God has given him into these many people who serve in our church. Sometimes this means helping them figure out what their spiritual gifts are and where they’d like to serve. Sometimes it means training them in the skills they need.  And sometimes it means just living life with them, whether they got a good grade on their Greek quiz or their 4 year old daughter just passed away unexpectedly.


Matt Kondi and Brian

The last major area of Matt’s ministry at IBF is church leadership.  Matt gets to work on pastoral staff with Brian Biedebach and Kondwani Nyanda, and these three get to work on a steering committee with four other men to make decisions and set the course for the church.  We’re just starting the process of identifying and appointing elders, so the coming months will be exciting for the church leadership at this role changes from a “steering” ministry to a shepherding ministry.  Please keep the pastoral staff and the steering committee in your prayers as they make this transition, and pray for wisdom as elders are appointed to guide the church in the best direction.


Can we say it again?  We love what we do!

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