Um, Now What?

We drove to Dzalanyama Forest on our day off a couple weeks ago.  It’s a rough road, and we were thankful for a vehicle with 4-wheel drive and high clearance.  At a couple points after coming through swampy sections or small canyons we commented “hope we don’t have to turn around and go back through that…”  And then, shortly after one of those comments, we came to a road block:

truck fire jerry can on the road


There are several things about this situation (and picture) that make us laugh.  1) The truck that is very obviously in the way.  2) The fire, which is also in the way, as it’s about where our right wheels are supposed to go.  And 3) the jerry can of fuel sitting right next to the fire.  Thankfully the truck driver was willing to back up to a small clearing where we could squeeze around him.  That just left the fire and the jerry can.  With a little motioning, the jerry can was moved, but the fire was just left, so we hugged the left side of the road as closely as possible.  “Hope we don’t have to turn around and go back through that!”

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