No Money No Friends“No Money No Friends” painted on a truck’s bumper

When we lived in America, economics and the financial condition of the nation were not things that I spent a lot of time thinking about.  Then we moved to Malawi, and I got an immersion course in how the financial condition of a nation affects its people in every day life. Rapid devaluation of the currency, a year-long fuel crisis, a sugar shortage, corruption… It’s that last item – corruption – that is taking center stage now, with tough ramifications for everyone in Malawi. Check out this article on “Cash-gate” and the loss of 40% of Malawi’s national budget to corruption.

Please pray for Malawi. It’s not a matter of better laws or even better morals. It’s a matter of the heart, and only Christ can change the heart.

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  1. Lorraine Floreen says:

    Thanks for sharing. It gives us another way to pray…

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