A Visit to the Tailor

Welcome to the tailor’s shop…

Tailor 6

I like to sew, but I’ve discovered that here in Malawi hiring a tailor is relatively (very) inexpensive. I didn’t bring back lots of clothes after furlough this time because I like the idea of having more of our clothes tailor made. We can 1) make whatever style/color we want, 2) it can be made to fit us (Abi is a size 2/3 around and a size 4/5 tall), and 3) it’s actually a lot cheaper.

Tailor 3

This unassuming little shop is always busy. In 29 years, this man has taught himself everything from pattern drafting to finishing touches.

Tailor 2

Most days the tailor has an assistant helping him, but on my last trip he was working solo on this large stack of projects. Isn’t that a bright and beautiful pile of fabric! My dress is on the chair in the lower right corner.

Tailor 1

I’d gone to pick up dresses for myself and the girls, so I stood in the corner behind a shower curtain to try mine on. All three dresses needed slight alterations, but considering that I’d walked in the week before with pile of fabric and a picture of what I wanted the dresses to look like (no pattern), the alterations were very minor! This guy is pretty good.

Tailor 5

And though it may look a bit rustic, he has all the equipment he needs to get the job done well. He even stitched back together our tow rope made of thick, wide webbing. When I asked if he could do that he said “Yes, I have done that before.” Wow. Oh yah, this is Africa. If if can be sewn, he’s probably done it before.

Tailor 4

Finished products ready for pick up. I like looking through what he’s made to get some ideas of what to ask him to make next for us. =)

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  1. Christi says:

    I am really enjoying your new blog! It is so nice to see all your pictures and get a glimpse of your life there. Your girls are beautiful 🙂
    Christi Kingsley

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