Here We Go Again!

Yep, we’re back at it! After a year of hiatus, we’re bringing the blog back to life.


If there’s anything you’d like to know about life on the mission field, Malawi, or the Floreen family, let me know in the comments and we’ll get this thing rollin’!

5 comments on “Here We Go Again!

  1. Shawna Rogers says:

    Rachel – your expressions, descriptions, and experiences all represent the ministry you and Matt have been called. You are living the spiritual life God wants for you. So don’t ‘try’ to think of something moving or wonderful or especially profound to write us about. Your day to day, mundane tasks and activities are all blessed and are fascinating to share with family and friends abroad. We love and support you in our thoughts and prayers and enjoy reading about your life, your family, your trials and success! Love you all!

  2. mfloreen says:

    Have you ever had any close encounters with African wildlife? (Although I like everything you write…)

  3. MrsA says:

    How is Matt’s sabbatical time going and what are ways we can be specifically praying for you and him during this time?

    How is the local church doing? Are there specific believers that we can be praying for as they step into leadership or grow in their leadership roles in the church?

    What are joys and challenges that the local believers and/or church face?

    What are things specific things we can be praying for you about — physically, emotionally, wife/mom/ministry balancing? (No judging – promise!) 🙂 What things feel daunting to you and what things do you feel like you’re really excelling at in this season?

    Just random ideas. 🙂 I’m sure you share about some of these in your newsletter. I need to sign up to get that. 🙂

  4. Andrew says:

    How has the electricity situation evolved? Some before and after pics of how the house and yard have grown/changed in the years since you moved in.

  5. photojaq says:

    Just everyday happenings in life as a missionary in Malawi. Things that may never happen in the states, funny things your girls say and do. Funny things that Matt says or—- oh wait, he’s the serious one in the family! Bugs, beasts. Local people doing local things. How you work around not having the things we take for granted in the US. Amazing close calls or scaring experiences. Visiting local sites for fun or exercise or special purchases. Shopping, bartering, seeing the dentist, the vet, the tailor, the pharmacist. Recipes. Things that go bump in the night. Things that go bump in the day. Seasons. You know….. all that stuff.

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