Last Day of Three

Today was Naomi’s last day of being three. I do think I may have given her more hugs and enjoyed her snuggles that much more just because I can’t believe we are almost done with three.

This girl is so ready to grow up! She was over being three about a month ago! And just in the last few days, I’ve seen that sweet four begin to emerge: extra (and actually) helpful, growing more and more articulate, and becoming independent in so many ways. She still has that cute little girl voice, and I can say without a doubt that her zest for life and sparkly things and her spunky sense of humor have only increased! We have loved her as a three year old, and we are excited to see what four looks like!

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2 comments on “Last Day of Three

  1. Sandra says:

    Happy 4th Birthday sweet Naomi-sending hugs to you❤️

  2. Ba. Created by Matt says:

    Happy, happy birthday Naomi. Wish I could celebrate your special day with you.
    I love you big bunches and adore your picture and your outfi. Guess you choose
    It yourself. You are such a delight, and so much fun. Have a wonderful birthday.
    Lossa love,

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