End of the Season

We are in what may be the last series of rainy days for this season. It was not nearly as much rain as everyone had hoped for this year, but at least the maize is up in most parts of the country.

The intensity of these late storms has surprised us a bit. Usually it’s the earlier rains that put on a big show, but on Tuesday it poured!

Take a closer look at those white streaks….

Yep, we got hail!

We’ve seen hail a couple times in all the years we’ve lived here in Malawi, but it’s definitely rare. The girls hadn’t seen it before, so it was fun to share that first with them. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, we do live in the tropics… hail in the tropics – who knew?!

2 comments on “End of the Season

  1. Beth Osborne says:

    just wish we’d get rain!!!

  2. photojaq says:

    Wow, your hail is clear. All that I’ve seen has been a frosted white. Perhaps it’s because there are no pollutants in the Malawi hail1

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