A Productive Day

If we accomplish nothing else while Matt is away, I will be completely satisfied with what was accomplished today.

We cleaned out the fridge and freezer.

We finished the hall bathroom tiling project – plumber is coming tomorrow to check and turn everything back on, then it just needs a good scrub!

And no one was electrocuted! 😳

Bonus: we got to cuddle the Hirotos new little kitten!

All in all it was a great day around here. And we are now more than half way through Matt’s trip, so that makes today even better! Two more sleeps til he is home!

One comment on “A Productive Day

  1. Marty Sokolis0 says:

    Loved the African stories. The girls have certainly changed since I saw them. Hope to get more of them at your new location
    Good luck in your new home
    Quite exciting.
    Love to all, Grandma Marty

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