Meet the Biedebachs

One of the blessings we’re looking forward to in Malawi is being able to work in ministry with a family that we love. Meet the Biedebachs! Brian and Anita, Ami, Bradley, and Benjamin.
Biedebach 2008 September Web

The story of the Biedebachs and the Floreens is a fun one. Matt first met Brian and Anita in South Africa in the summer of 2001, on his way to Mozambique for a missions trip. Then, a few years later, an opportunity opened up for Matt to go to South Africa as an intern to work with the Biedebachs and the church there. So Matt spent all of 2005 with the Biedebachs, learning about life, construction, ministry, and everything in Africa. Move to ahead 2007… the Biedebachs move to Malawi to work with a church in Lilongwe and the ball starts rolling for the Floreens to go join them in ministry.

As we are heading to Malawi, we have thanked the Lord over and over again for this family. One of the incredible graces and joys we’ve been experiencing is that the Lord, even now, is putting on our hearts similar burdens and desires for ministry. As a small for instance, Matt and I are reading through the book of Acts right now, and we’ve been talking about Christian fellowship. A few days ago, Matt and Brian were talking, and Matt mentioned what he and I had been talking about. Brian’s been thinking about it too! He is just starting a preaching series through the book of Acts. And it’s been excited to see many other examples of God providentially leading us in the same direction as He prepares us for living and working together. Please pray for the Floreens and the Biedebachs, that the Lord would continue to knit our hearts together for ministry. It’s so exciting!

If you want some more info on the Biedebachs and what their life is like, you can click on the picture above to see their blog and learn more about them.

And Hi Biedebachs! We can’t wait to come see you!

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