The Great Floreen Roadtrips! Part 5

Our last day and a half in Lynden, and more opportunities to connect with friends! These pictures actually comprise the end of Day 7 and all of Day 8 – Canada and back.

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 1
Justin and Brandi Bailey met us for coffee Tuesday afternoon. We talked philosophy of ministry and were very encouraged by many of the things they’re thinking through. Thanks for taking the time to hang out Justin and Brandi!

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 2
That evening we had dinner with the Jacobsen family. The Jacobsens and Floreens go way back, so it was fun to catch up with them and get to know the kids better. Deb gave each of us journals with instructions to record God’s faithfulness to us in the coming years. Thanks Deb – we couldn’t think of a better gift or encouragement!

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 3
Wednesday morning was just beautiful, so we stopped to take some pictures on the way to Canada.

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 4
This is my little camera’s interpretation of what I’m sure will be a fabulous photo from Matt’s camera.

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 5
You know, Canada looks awfully similar to the USA. This is our one picture in Canada. We went up for two reasons: 1) to get a stamp in our passports so that our international insurance will be activated, and 2) to eat lunch at WhiteSpot. The passport was easy, and lunch was delicious! Last time Matt was there – quite a while ago – he got the kids’ meal, which comes in a pirate ship. We went the adult route with our menu selections, but we did look longingly at a pirate ship that passed our table…

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 6
On the way back from Canada we stopped to visit John and Jeannie Bargen at Cedar Springs. They have a beautiful log home that they build themselves, and they run a retreat center at Cedar Springs. Their very evident love for us and their testimonies to God’s faithfulness and goodness to them were truly encouraging to our hearts! Thank you for your kind hospitality John and Jeannie!

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 7
We took a few minutes to look around Cedar Springs while we were there. It was beautiful in the winter, but I imagine it would be absolutely stunning in the spring and summer!

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 8
I found a cute boy at Cedar Springs, so I took a picture with him! Matt told me that if we had lived in the Lynden area, Cedar Springs is likely where he would have proposed to me. So he asked me to marry him while we were there, and I said Yes! =)

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 9
Continuing on our way back to Lynden, we saw more of the beautiful countryside. There are lots of farms in the area – mostly cows, or evidence that corn was grown there.

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 10
Find the Matt. Ah yes, more picture opportunities!

Road Trip 1 Day 7-8 11
We had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with the Cummins family over dinner. Bill discipled Matt while he was growing up and learning to make decisions, so has made a significant impact on Matt’s life. And a number of people have said they’d like to come visit us in Malawi, but the Cummins family is one of those that I really think just might do it! (And we would LOVE that!) Bill, Michelle, and Stephen all had to run after dinner, so we only got a pic of Adria, Ashley, and Aiden. We’re looking forward to seeing them in Africa to get a picture of the whole family.

We’re back on the road now! We left Lynden this morning on our way to Seattle for lunch and dinner plans, and then on to Portland to spend the night with friends. More to come soon!

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