The Great Floreen Roadtrips! 2.2

Day #2 of the long drive to Kansas… the feeling of “I’m back in the car and I’m going to go insane!” had passed for the most part, and we were really able to enjoy the mad dash of Day 2.

Road Trip 2 Day 2  1
572.4 miles: We had spent the night in Flagstaff, Arizona, with my good friend from college, Laura Vaughan. It was so good to hear about her life right now and how the Lord has stretched her and is blessing her immensely! Thanks for a great time to catch up, Laura, and for sharing all that the Lord is doing in your life!

Road Trip 2 Day 2  2
Flagstaff is the desert, right?! Suffice it to say that I got a little practical lesson in geography, topography, and meteorology.

Road Trip 2 Day 2  3
Our little car did some slip-sliding around on the streets, but we did manage to stop within reach of the gas pump.

Road Trip 2 Day 2  4
659.3 miles: This picture is for my good friends Sam and Noah Keller. Holbrook, Arizona, and the Wigwam Motel made an appearance in the movie “Cars,” and as we drove by, I couldn’t help but notice that Mater had gotten a new paint job. I have another picture to prove that Luigi really is selling tires right across the street…

Road Trip 2 Day 2  5
680.1 miles: As we headed east we were coming across fewer and fewer National Parks, so we decided to take a 30 mile detour to catch one last Park that included the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert.

Road Trip 2 Day 2a 1
Quartz crystals grew in the logs throughout the park, turning them into stone, but maintaining their shape. Iron and magnesium mixed with the quartz to add reds, blues, yellows, and blacks to the wood/rocks. It’s really beautiful!

Road Trip 2 Day 2  6

Road Trip 2 Day 2  7
The Painted Desert was fascinating too, with the reds, blacks, and tans of the park highlighted by the remaining snow and really cool cloud cover!

Road Trip 2 Day 2  8
Still bothered by the jackrabbit experience of the night before, I noticed that the only evidence of the sad encounter were a couple smudges in the dirt on the bumper of the car. Poor bunny!

Road Trip 2 Day 2  9
841.8 miles: A seemingly uninteresting picture, this is the first point in our trip at which we looked around and couldn’t see snow.

Road Trip 2 Day 2  10
908.4 miles: Southwest architecture in Albuquerque…

Road Trip 2 Day 2  11
And our final shot for the day: what in the world are they trying to tell me with this sign? I feel like I should cross-stitch this as a memento of our trip!

At this point, we’re over half way through the long days of driving! This is such an interesting country, and we’re having a great time seeing it fly by our car windows!

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