Day Away

Pastors don’t usually take Saturdays as their day off.  Saturdays and Sundays are busy days for those teaching, preaching, serving, counseling, and overseeing in the church.  So we picked a different day as our day off: Wednesday.


Last week we decided that not only did we need a day off, but we needed a day away.  A night, in fact.  So we rented a cabin on a small dam west of town and spent about 22 hours there.


We took advantage of the canoes and Abi’s new lifejacket for a little boating excursion.


Some friends of ours live just across the dam from where we stayed, so we canoed over for tea about 4pm (“official” tea time).  We’ve never canoed anywhere for tea before, so it was a fun experience!


All in all, a nice day and night away.  We even made it back in time for 9am meetings on Thursday, so now we know it’s doable!

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