Sewing Class

We are broadening our repertoire here at the Floreen Primary School. Today we started a sewing class!

My students were very busy working on their projects. I taught them to thread their needles…

And they worked on some practice stitches.

I showed them a sample that I had thrown together quickly, based on a great blog I follow, and then let them design their own.

Naomi knew immediately that she wanted to make a monster.

Abigail liked the flower idea, but went for a different style. Hers is still in process, but she’s doing great!

3 comments on “Sewing Class

  1. photojaq says:

    Wow! How clever! Will you start them on material in a hoop soon? You are such a clever teacher!

  2. Mary Beth Smith (Mom) says:

    What a great way to learn to sew! You make my heart sing.

  3. Rose Ann Stire says:

    Good job.

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