First Visitors

The prize for First Visitors goes to the Vieira family!

Amanda sent me a message on Saturday night to let us know they had decided on the spur of the moment to spend the end of their holiday time in Johannesburg and they would be coming to church with us the next morning! They joined us for church and then for the church picnic, and it was so wonderful to see these friends from Malawi. The girls loved being able to play with Cici again! We are thankful for friends old and new, and so glad we go to spend time with these dear ones again!

2 comments on “First Visitors

  1. photojaq says:

    Love following you on this new adventure.

  2. Amanda Vieira says:

    We got a “Floreen’s Trophy” hahahHaha!
    We absolutely loved to see you guys! It was truly a gift TO US!!!
    What a treat to be able to enjoy the Lord’s Day with you!
    God has blessed us so much through your family and we feel quite privileged for having you as friends and family in Christ.
    Our hearts are filled with gratitude for that opportunity and we’ll never take it for granted.
    Much love to the Floreens from the Vieiras.
    Till next time ❤️
    Amanda, Marcelo, Ceci and Theo.

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