There seem to be a lot of important numbers floating around these days! Here are some significant numbers for the Floreen family…


There are 1,187 cases of covid-19 as of Sunday, March 29th. Only 1 death, and already 31 recovered. We are thankful that the cases here seem to mostly be mild, but we have watched the numbers climb consistently over the last week.


The government of SA has mandated a 21-day lockdown for the entire country. We can still get food and medicines, but no jogging or walking your dog or any such activities. We have heard that the military is out assisting local police in keeping people at home, but we have not been out ourselves since the lockdown began at midnight on Thursday.


While usually there are just 4 Floreens in our home, we now have 2 Smiths joining us for the lockdown! After multiple flight cancellations, my parents surrendered willingly to a little more time with the grandkids. They had planned to stay three weeks with us, but it looks like it will be at least 6 weeks now. We are enjoying this time with them, and before the stores closed we made sure Mom had a pile of yarn to knit into sweaters and Dad had enough sandpaper and sealant to refinish our sun porch table! So besides card games and board games and school and stories with the kids, we are keeping them plenty busy!

Not all of us are playing around as much as that last paragraph would imply. Matt and I are continuing to counsel via Skype and WhatsApp, and Matt will be preaching live from our living room for Antioch’s evening service tonight. He’s been especially busy with the other church staff setting up things on WhatsApp and the church website and YouTube pages to keep the believers of Antioch Bible Church connected and feasting on God’s Word. You can follow along with our services here: at the Antioch Bible Church website.


For fun and fitness, the number 34 is very significant for our family right now. We have decided that during this 21-day lockdown, we will be running a marathon. That’s 2km per day, totally 42.2 km by the end of lockdown. Since we can’t go outside our property, we can only run around our house – 34 times every day. That’s right, 34 laps around our house everyday. Dad is walking it, and the Floreens are all running it. Well, Naomi runs some and walks some with her Papa. 😊 Mom is our statistician, tallying our laps as we all go at different paces. It’s a bit of chaos, but we are all really enjoying it!

Untold Numbers

We are thankful for so many, many blessings we are enjoying these days: grandparents, consistently available food supplies, sweet times in the Word and prayer, and so many opportunities to love and care for others – albeit in new and digital ways! Thank you for your prayers for us during these strange days!

4 comments on “Numbers

  1. photojaq says:

    What a great idea! I wonder how many Americans could run 34 times around their houses?? HAHA. So good that your parents are there, Rachel. It’s fun, helpful, and it keeps you and them from wondering how you (they) are across the miles. Have fun, and relish the time together. Thanks for keeping us informed!!
    Jackie Houchin

  2. Ayemi Hall says:

    love to y’all in SA! What a blessing to be able to be together w your parents during a uniquely different season of lockdown! Enjoy your 34×21 laps around your house! That’s gotta be some sort of world record. 🙂

  3. Shelly Bargen says:

    Thanks for the lovely update!! ❤️

  4. Beth says:

    We’re still able to walk around our neighborhood as long as we maintain ‘social distancing’. But your idea of a marathon adds an interesting twist! Stan & I have been working outside rebuilding a raised garden area. It helps pass the time & we get our Vitamin D at the same time! Enjoy your time with your folks & have a great time running in circles!! hahaha!!

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