And We're Off! Trip 1 to Malawi!

Matt and I have traveled to and from a lot of places, but the trip we begin tomorrow is unique. We’re going to Malawi for a week – to get to meet the church we’ll be working with, to let me see Malawi for the first time (Africa for the first time!), and to do some scouting so that we know better what we need to do before we move there permanently. Please pray for us as we travel, and praise the Lord with us for the great opportunity to make this pre-move trip.

In some senses, it’s round 1 of moving. I keep thinking – what can I take now that I would really want to take next time but probably won’t have room for? Q-tips? Contact solution for Matt? Some things made the cut, and others just didn’t. With 4 heavy bags, we’ll be taking plenty of our things and a few things for other people. (I heard the Biedebach kids like fruit leather!)


And anything that doesn’t make the cut this time or next, we’ll be fine without. Because I married Mr. Ingenious and we’re all caught up on everything we need to know from The Swiss Family Robinson.


In case you’re trying to interpret the look on his face, it’s “she made me do this.” Ah, he’s so sweet. =)

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