The Great Floreen Roadtrips! Part 6

Back on the road again! On Day 9 we left Lynden and headed south. We felt so loved and cared for in Lynden that it was like leaving home. We’re already looking forward to our next trip there!

Road Trip 1 Day 9 1
Next time I go, I’m counting how many windmills I see in Lynden!

Road Trip 1 Day 9 2
Bye Lynden!

Road Trip 1 Day 9 3
1418.8 miles: On the way out of town we stopped by Rite Aid to pick up some medicine for a little cold that was starting to bother Matt.

Road Trip 1 Day 9 4
1433.1 miles: We checked out downtown Bellingham, and stopped at Starbucks to take advantage of their wireless internet and get a warm drink.

Road Trip 1 Day 9 5
1521.1 miles: Lunch with Marcus Tabert in downtown Seattle, and a great time for Matt and Marcus to recount the old days and catch up on the new ones.

Road Trip 1 Day 9 6
1521.7 miles: After lunch we realized that we were close to the REI flagship store, so we stopped by to see where it all began. The bug helmet was tempting, but we did pass on that one…

Road Trip 1 Day 9 7
1525.2 miles: On the way across the West Seattle Bridge, we saw some container ships. It made us wonder where our container is – probably on a ship, probably in an ocean, but other than that, we don’t know!

Road Trip 1 Day 9 8
1531.0 miles: Sterling and Rachel Culbertson took us to dinner at a cute little deli called Husky’s in West Seattle. Matt grew up with both Sterling and Rachel so there are lots of stories, particularly about homemade movies, raising baby birds, and all kinds of unthinkable antics with Sterling. Along with the great stories, we really enjoyed talking with the Culbertsons about life, ministry, making decisions, and loving the Lord. Thanks for a great time to connect, Sterling and Rachel!

Road Trip 1 Day 9 9
1534.6 miles: We couldn’t pass up Alki Beach, a great view of Seattle, before we left the city.

Road Trip 1 Day 9 10
1644.4 miles: We drove all the way to Portland this night. This pic is at the rest stop where Matt demonstrated what it means to rest, and Rachel took over driving.

Road Trip 1 Day 9 11
1704.8 miles: Jeremy and Jaime Phelps (and Zuri the Rhodesian Ridgeback) let us crash at their place for the night. They have a great little apartment right downtown in Portland, and from the sounds of it, an awesome opportunity to be involved in ministry in the city. We were so glad to be able to connect with the Phelps, and we’re excited to see where the Lord leads them in the next couple years!

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