At times, electricity can be shockingly complicated. Oh yes, pun intended! My sense of humor might be suffering from the jolt of electricity I experienced a couple weeks ago. At this point we believe we’ve managed to keep the electrical wires away from the overflowing water heater, and we’ve definitely experienced fewer shocking episodes in recent days. There was the issue of the living room light, but really, my arm had that tingly feeling for only 10 minutes, so it doesn’t count. =)

In other electrical news, Matt has retrofitted his computer cord to work here in Malawi.

Plug 1
He bought a generic cord at the outdoor market, then cut off the plug and stripped the wires. You can see little black leftover pieces. He also bought a simple Malawian plug (same as what they use in the UK). That’s what he’s holding in this picture.

Plug 2
Then he attached the new cord to the new plug…

Plug 3
Put everything back together, and…

Plug 4
Plugged it in! You can see the new plug in the socket on the right. The new black cord connects to the Mac power adaptor, and runs electricity to his laptop.

If fixing the water heater were only this easy…

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