Out with the Old Geyser, in with the New

First of all, it’s pronounced “geezer,” like the disparaging name for an old man.  And secondly, most of you will know it as a water heater… though what you see here probably in no way resembles the water heater you have in your house!

Geyser 1

That’s right, it’s a metal box.  This is our brand new geyser, just waiting to be installed.  It’s to replace the old geyser, which our plumber made by himself – it was 5 sheets of metal welded together.  But this one… it’s state of the art!

Geyser Insulation

It even has insulation!  I kind of feel bad calling this one a geyser now.  The old water heater deserved its nickname, but this one is so nice and new, and it works so well!

It lives in our roof (gravity = water pressure) and I just wish I could have been fast enough with the camera to capture the plumber and his assistant raising it to the roof outside Abigail’s room.  They didn’t bring a rope, so instead they borrowed the most “rope-like” item in our yard to hoist it up – the garden hose.

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