A couple weeks ago, we took Abigail in to the clinic for her 4 month check-up and vaccinations.  We’re following the CDC’s recommendations for the American vaccination schedule.  Kind of.  The rotovirus and pneumacoccal vaccinations aren’t available here in Malawi, so we’ll catch up later in the States.  The only other difference in her vaccination schedule is that she gets the oral polio vaccination rather than the injectable.

Immunization Band-aid

But she does get a great giraffe band-aid!

She also gets her own health passport, which is a copy of her medical records that we take with us whenever we go to a clinic or see any doctor.  With a significant number of medical staff coming to Malawi for short-term stints (2 weeks to 2 years) there’s not a lot of consistency or order to the medical world here, so it makes sense that you carry your own medical records.

Immunizations with Health Passport

All in all, Abigail is doing great, and we thank the Lord for a healthy, very happy little girl.  Look at that face though!  We’re not sure where she got her mischievous, adventurous personality…

3 comments on “Immunizations

  1. Danny says:

    As your first house guest I agree that you have made Malawi your home. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy your home. I think you both excel at accepting the challenges you face in Malawi with joy. Thanks again for sharing your home with us.

  2. Lorraine Floreen says:

    I have seen a face like that on someone, whose name I will not mention here. I think we will have so much fun with Abigail when we’re there in June…

  3. Laura Lanting says:

    Abigail is such a cutie pie!

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