Have Diesel, Will Travel

We’re going on vacation tomorrow!  After our trip to Zomba last February, we decided that we need to get away for a few days once a year.  There’s a lot of Malawi that we haven’t seen yet, so we’re headed north this time: a rain forest, a lakeshore stop, and the best national park in Malawi.

There was only one problem.  Diesel.  We’re in the middle of a fuel shortage again, and without diesel, we weren’t going anywhere.  So this morning, Rachel woke up determined to get fuel.

The search started at 7:15am.  No diesel anywhere along the main road through town.  By 10:20, we’d gotten a tip that cars were starting to line up outside one of the gas stations on our side of town.  Matt was busy studying to teach in Sunday School, so Rachel grabbed Abigail and they took off for the diesel adventure.

This cute little munchkin waited so patiently!  We parked our car in line and sat in the shade in front of the BP convenience store, and she played for about an hour and a half, then fell asleep for about an hour.

Finally!  The fuel truck pulls in.  Unfortunately there were so many cars waiting to get fuel that the fuel truck couldn’t get through the parking lot!  That took a bit of sorting out…

And we don’t have a picture of actually getting fuel, because Rachel and Abigail were rescued by our friend Kondi who traded us cars so that Abigail could finish her nap in her own bed.  He waiting another hour and a half while the fuel truck unloaded and the cars in front of us filled up.  What a friend!

So we’re off on vacation!  We have a full tank of diesel and a full 30 liter jerry can as backup.  We don’t know if we’ll find fuel up north, but we’re going to try and see how far we can get!

3 comments on “Have Diesel, Will Travel

  1. LauraT says:

    Just yesterday as we were headed to Costco to fill up we were talking about you guys. The kids had a hard time understanding just what a blessing it is to have gas all the time. For that matter, so did we before we got to come to Malawi! We said a quick prayer of thanks for you and for reliable fuel =).

  2. Lorraine Floreen says:

    Another reason that we treasure your relationship with Kondi!

  3. Ilena Madraso says:

    Wow! You’re adventures are amazing! Hope you enjoy the travel time, and time together. 🙂 Abigail is adorable!

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