We Love What We Do – Part 2

(Rachel)  Previously, I shared a bit about our ladies’ Bible study in the book of Ezra.  Another major women’s event at our church is a Biblical counseling series I’ve been teaching on Thursday evenings.  We just finished a series on the philosophy and methodology of Biblical counseling, wrapping it up by looking at 2 specific topics, Marriage Problems and Eating Issues – Anorexia, Bulimia, and Over-Eating.  We did this series a couple times last year too, and looked at the topics Worry, Fear, and Anxiety, and Abuse.

Rachel and Jen

My goal with this series is not that the ladies will be able to go out and set up shop as counselors, but rather that they would be better equipped to care for one another right where they are.  As women, we talk with one another about a lot of things, and we do counsel one another, for good or bad! My hope is that these series would help the ladies to turn to Scripture as all-sufficient for life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3), and that the conversations we have with one another would be edifying, encouraging, and wise.  This is the third time I’ve done this counseling series, so the base of women who understand these concepts is growing! Pray for these ladies who are encountering new truths about themselves and God’s Word, that they would apply what they’ve learned in their relationships with others. Pray for us as we make plans for the next series – at least 6 more ladies are interested!  And pray for me also as I prepare two new topics, that God would make my study of these topics profitable in my own life, and that He would grant me the ability to communicate with the ladies clearly and accurately.

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