The Next Few Months

We’ve just been through another period of no-internet, but we’ve been so busy that we’ve hardly noticed.  We have some crazy months coming up, and this is our last week to get ready before the busyness begins.  Here’s what’s coming…

TMS Team: 7 guys from The Master’s Seminary coming to consider joining us here in Lilongwe to help with the seminary that’s in the plans.  They’re all staying at our house and Rachel’s cooking for them.

The Kopps: Some friends of ours from southern California are adopting from Ethiopia and “stopping by on the way.”  It’s a quick visit, but they’re jumping right in and Matt Kopp is going to teach a session at youth camp while they’re here!

Youth Camp: Matt’s the main speaker at our church’s youth camp again this year, so we’re all going out to the Lake for 3 nights to spend some time with the 13-18 year old crowd.

TMC Team: 7 college students from The Master’s College coming to help scout other ministries in Lilongwe so that we can make a list of credible, helpful resources, organizations with whom we can partner and to whom we can refer people.  We’re also going to take them to Mozambique to spend some time helping a missionary that our church supports there.  They’re all staying at our house and Rachel’s cooking for them.

The Floreens: Matt’s parents are coming to visit us for 2 1/2 weeks.  We’ll put them to work a little bit, but we’re also going to take some time away with them.

Grace Church Team: 28 high schoolers and leaders from Grace Community Church coming to help with construction projects related to the upcoming seminary.  And yes, they’re all staying at our house and Rachel’s cooking for them.

MABC Classes: Matt’s taking his first full year of classes pursuing his MA in Biblical Counseling.  He’s doing pre-session work from now through June, we’ll all be traveling to California in July for 3 weeks of classes, and then he’ll do post-session work through October.

Whew!  These things aren’t all at the same time, but they do all overlap, so it’s going to be pretty busy around here.  And it starts this coming Saturday with the TMS Team!  We’ll post as we go and try to keep you updated on all these things.

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