Guest Blog Post: Kim Christensen

Continuing with guest blog post idea, the TMC team has a few for us.  First up, Kim Christensen…

10 Strange but Fun Things about Living in Malawi for 5 Weeks:

1. You sleep under a mosquito net

2. Driving on the left side of the road and only driving stick shift

3. Random power outs

4. Filtering all water

5. Making your own brown sugar and other things that you cannot find in Malawi

6. Wearing shoes in the house because there is no carpet and your feet will get very dirty

7. Driving thru a gate with barbed wire on top of the gate and on the walls in the front of the house

8. Grocery shopping that takes at least 4 hours with at least 4 different stores but it’s a lot of fun with the master, Rachel Floreen.

9. Wearing longer skirts a lot of the time but I have actually really liked it!

10.  Waking up at 6am every morning and eating oatmeal every morning!

TMC Team in Mozambique

I’m loving it here in Malawi.  I’m always learning new things about living here from Rachel like how to cook and run a house that honors the Lord.   I love learning about the culture and the people.  God is doing some awesome things with our team which has been so encouraging and has deepen my love for our God.  Our team has been an example to me by not complaining or grumbling but genuinely being flexible and adjusting to new schedules and new experiences.  We love the Floreens and we love being a part of their everyday life.   We love seeing  their ministry to the church and the people they interact with everyday.  Everyone should come to Malawi and stay with the Floreens because Rachel is an AMAZING cook and because they are amazing people!

Kim Christensen


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