Kitchen Prep

Our biggest team of the summer arrives tomorrow, the 1st of July.  All 26 of them are staying at our house and we’re in charge of food.  Needless to say, our house and kitchen have undergone some major transformations.  Here’s what the kitchen looks like today.

Banana MountainMountains of fruit and vegetables. Something like 80 bananas, 60 apples, 50 pears, 30 clementines, 10 avocados, 10 heads of lettuce, 50 tomatoes… and that will last us until Wednesday, hopefully. We wash it all in filtered water with a little bleach so that it’s safe to eat.

Kitchen CounterThe counter looks almost normal.  Just spaghetti sauce thawing for tomorrow night and 5 large baguettes for garlic bread.  But the cupboards are so full the door won’t close all the way, and the overflow on top of the cupboards is making us a little concerned about whether the cupboards will stay on the wall!  Good thing this team is bringing a carpenter!

Kitchen ChiliNot only are our cupboards and counters full of food, so is our large deep freeze. We leave for the States next Thursday (!) and this team will be here a week without us, so Rachel cooked ahead and froze meals for them after we leave.  The freezer’s so full that we took 6 batches of food over to the Biedebachs’!  But it’s all ready.  The Floreen Bed and Breakfast is back in business!

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