Furlough 2012 Schedule

Two days til Fly Day!  Boxes and piles are accumulating around our house – we’re getting ready to fly out on SUNDAY!  Yahoo!  Yikes!

Yes, we’re excited, but it does feel like there’s a lot to do in the next 2 days.  We have 5 people staying in our house while we’re gone, so we have to get it ready for them to move in next week.  And then pack everything we will need for the next 4 months in 3 big boxes and one suitcase.

Then we fly to Greece!  Our mission organization, Grace Ministries International, has a conference for all its missionaries every 2 years, and this year’s conference is in Greece.  Conveniently, it’s right at the beginning of our furlough time, so we’re taking a little side trip to the conference on our way to the States.  We’ll be there for about 10 days for meetings, a bit of touring, catching up with lots of missionary friends, and soaking up some sun so that we can be ready for sunny southern California.  It was 56 degrees this morning here in our part of the southern hemisphere – we’re due for some warming up!

So here’s our schedule for the next few months.  Once we get to California and can catch our breath a bit, we’ll have more details on when and where we’re speaking.

Floreen Furlough 2012

June 22   Organize the house and tie up loose ends

June 23   Packing day

June 24   Fly day!  Lilongwe-Johannesburg-London-Athens

June 25 – July 3   In Greece for our mission organization’s bi-annual conference

July 4   Fly to Los Angeles

July 4-August 6   In Santa Clarita, CA, for Matt’s MA in Biblical Counseling classes

August 6-20   At the Floreens’

August 20-Sept 3   At the Smiths’

September 3-October 23   Based in Sun Valley, CA, with trips to eastern Kansas and north-western Washington

October 23-25   Fly back to Malawi

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