Pumpkin Season


I have had the WORST time cutting pumpkins here in Malawi.  They are SO tough.  I would poke a knife in the top, hammer it in with a meat mallet, and then smack the whole pumpkin on the ground until I could get the knife through.  Whew.  Blood, sweat, and tears.  Then I asked a Malawian friend how she cuts open a pumpkin.  She said – throw it on the ground.  Really??… OK.  So I tried it.

IMG_0953Ha!  Look at that!  It split in half perfectly, ready to roast!  And after my previous experiences with pumpkin here, throwing one on the ground with all my might felt very satisfying!  =)


3 comments on “Pumpkin Season

  1. Chris VDS says:

    Oh wow! Thanks! I will be doing this myself from now on!

  2. Sarah Hughes says:

    I’ve even just roasted them whole, then cut into them after they’re cooked. But it could depend on how you’re preparing them, I suppose. 🙂

  3. Lorraine Floreen says:

    I had to do that with hubbard squash here in the US. Only way to get into them was with an ax or firmly throw them on the cement.

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