Driving is Not Boring

I’ve decided not to be afraid to share on the blog what I now think of as normal. I hear from readers that they want to see what normal life is like for me. I also hear that what I think of as normal is not normal for almost anyone else. I know this is true, but whenever I go to post on something that’s “normal,” I feel like it’s boring. Boring = bad = I’m afraid of it.

But let’s be honest, not posting on the blog is worse than risking a boring post.  =)

So, today’s “normal” thing is driving.  I took a little video on the way home from grocery shopping this past Thursday.  It’s short, because driving here is a little hectic at times.  But this is what it’s like to drive home from the grocery store, on the left side of the road, around bicycles, past pedestrians, avoiding mini-bus stops, etc, etc.

Just a little piece of normal life…

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