Furlough Family Times

While we were in the States this summer, we were able to spend time with extended family on both sides – Floreen and Smith.  It’s a tradition now to do a nice family photo whenever we’re all together.  Oh the joys and benefits of being married to a photographer!  =)

Here are this year’s family photos.  I’ve linked to larger versions if you want to see them.  Matt edited out all the funnies though, like the fact that in the Smith photo Abi was rubbing Brian’s head…

Floreen Family Photos 2014 1Floreen Family, May 2014
Back row: Micah, Brent, Titus, Bekah, and Silas Hisayasu, Lorraine and Eric Floreen
Front Row: Mikayla, Ben, Leilani, and Cathy Floreen, Rachel, Naomi, Matt, and Abigail Floreen

Floreen Family Photos 2014 2Smith Family, July 2014
Back row: Erin Aiken, Kirk and Mary Beth Smith, Rachel and Matt Floreen
Middle row: Shiloh Aiken, Abigail and Naomi Floreen
Front row: Brian and Beckett Aiken

Floreen Family Photos 2014 3

And then there’s just us, August 2014

Our church asked for an updated picture of us to put in the church’s missionary calendar, so we did a quick shoot and came up with a pretty decent shot.  We only had to photoshop one girl for this one, which, based on the fact that we had to combine 4 pictures to come up with our current prayer card photo, was pretty fantastic!

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