Abi’s Great Day!

Today is Abi’s day! I took pictures of her all day, and am going to let her explain them all to you…


I wake up at 6:45am. I laid down my buddies to make my bed. These are the buddies that I sleep with: Molly Bunny, Coconut (the monkey), and Gus the Duck.


Also when I get ready in the morning, I brush my teeth.


I cleaned up my shoes today!


I caught a frog and brought it to show to Mom. It’s tiny! Here’s a picture of it.


See the tiny black speck on the duck? That’s the frog! I saw it opening its mouth 2 times. It’s got a tiny mouth.


We spent the morning playing with Priscilla. So fun! Look what Naomi is doing! She’s putting that hat on Priscilla’s head. I’m reading a book and explaining the pictures to them.


Lunch time is hot dogs with pears and apples. Yum! I like ketchup on my hot dog. So does Naomi.


This is my favorite book, The Legend of Luke. I read it during rest time.


I love to dance at ballet. So fun!


This is my friend Maggie in the picture. We look a little bit alike, but don’t get confused – I’m the one with the buns in my hair.


On our way to the library to get some more books!


I love reading! This is at the library.


We painted a secret sign for Dad! Mom made the picture look fuzzy so Dad can’t read it until he gets home!


I’m excited to have Dad come back! I love playing with Dad and can’t wait to do it again! Dad went to America. So sad! =( But he’s coming back on Sunday!


Thank you for reading about my day!

2 comments on “Abi’s Great Day!

  1. Don & Sally Canright says:

    I loved reading about your day, Abi. You are so cute and God has given you many talents that I know some day you will use for Him. Your Mommie knows our daughter and we know your Grandma and Grandpa in Mt. Hermon. Thank you for sharing about your life there in Africa. We pray for you all the time.
    Don & Sally Canright

  2. mfloreen says:

    Hi Abi! I liked reading about your day! I’ve missed you and Naomi and mom. I’m glad I’m coming home soon so I can give you all a hug (and see what your secret sign says!) I’m also bringing back a new little book for you! Love, Dad

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