We are having a cold spell here in the Southern Hemisphere. I’m from Kansas originally, so I know cold, but the last 10 years in the tropics have really thinned my blood. It’s cold, and I’m looking forward to Tuesday!

We had to do a little shopping to stop the shivering… jeans, socks, sweatshirts, and leopard pajamas.

Yes, leopard pajamas. We have a couple of cool cats now!

4 comments on “Winter

  1. Sally S Canright says:

    We’ve been praying everyday for your transition. Praying God will supply all your needs (house, car, etc.). We could use some of that cool here.

  2. Beth Osborne says:

    AMEN! To Sally’s comments! Cool would be very welcomed right now!! LOVE the cool cats at your home!!! I can just imagine the fun they are having ‘roaming’ around the house… looking for mice??? HAHAHAHA!!! Praying this week will be filled with many wonderful blessings from the Lord as you get settled in & begin life in SA!!! Love ya!

  3. Brian Lotze says:

    Good to hear from you, that sounds like just about perfect weather.

  4. Jann Cantrell says:

    We are praising God for bringing you & Matt, along with your precious daughters, to SA!

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