The Great Floreen Roadtrips! 2.5

Days 6 and 7 of our road trip took us out of one old home town, to another, and gave us the opportunity to spend some time with my family.

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8 2
On the way out of town, we stopped by my old house briefly.

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8 1
Good old Girard, Kansas…

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8 3
On the way to Wichita, we passed the ruins of an old church in Greenbush.

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8 4
I had forgotten how many trains crisscross the mid-west.

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8 5
No frowning here!

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8 6
In Wichita, we were able to get together with some of my family. Aaron is my cousin, pictured here with his wife Becky, and…

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8a 1
Another cousin, Shawna, and my Aunt Sydney and Uncle Mike. It was so good to catch up with them and remember fun family times. Thanks for a wonderful meal and a great evening everyone!

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8 8
Just south of Wichita is the little town where my dad was raised and where my family lived until I was 5 years old. We took a little time in the morning to go see the old farm where my grandparents lived.

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8 10
My sister and I used to give concerts on the tornado shelter, so I gave a little concert for Matt.

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8 11
And we used to ride the silver horse, so I took the horse out for a little trot!

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8b 1
This picture is for my Dad – Bluff Creek. =)

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8b 2
My dad’s Uncle John and Aunt Donna still live in the area, so we stopped by to visit them for a little bit. We were so encouraged by their testimony and their very evident walk with the Lord and love for him. Thanks John and Donna blessing us with your encouragement and example!

Road Trip 2 Days 7-8b 3
And last but not least, the final picture in the series of former homes – my home until we moved to Girard at age 5.

Western Kansas and Eastern Colorado coming up next!

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