The Great Floreen Roadtrips! Part 7

These days are so full and fun! For a little variety, we spent the whole day in Oregon enjoying an amazingly beautiful state.

Road Trip 1 Day 10 1
1706.8 miles: The day started out nice and wet and gray.

Road Trip 1 Day 10 2
1728.0 miles: Breakfast on the go!

Road Trip 1 Day 10 3
Around 1800 miles: We had seen a couple semi-trucks with these mud flaps and finally got a picture of them. If we were getting $.44 per mile, we would have made almost $800 by this point!

Road Trip 1 Day 10 4
1843.9 miles: Before we lost all the fog, we stopped for a little forest exploration between the cities of Eugene and Florence.

Road Trip 1 Day 10 5
1854.4 miles: A little bit further down the road, we stopped again for more trees.

Road Trip 1 Day 10 6
1854.4 miles: This face cannot convey how much I’m enjoying the warmth of the sunshine!

Road Trip 1 Day 10 7
1895.5 miles: On a tip from Jeremy and Jaime Phelps, we checked out Heceta Head Lighthouse, just a little north of Florence.

Road Trip 1 Day 10 8
This is the best lighthouse I have ever seen. It’s still functioning, and the assistant lightkeepers house is a bed and breakfast now.

Road Trip 1 Day 10 9
Thanks for the tip Jeremy and Jaime!

Road Trip 1 Day 10 10
1934.1 miles: Oregon has more than trees – they have some great lakes and rivers too!

Road Trip 1 Day 10 11
1979.3 miles: As the light started to fade, we started looking for a great place to watch the sunset. We stumbled on the Coquille River Lighthouse and enjoyed a spectacular sunset!

What a beautiful day! After sunset, we still had another couple hours to drive before reaching Brookings, OR, and the home of the Schriebers… more coming soon!

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