The Great Floreen Roadtrips! Part 8

Day 11 involved a great opportunity to make new friends, share about the ministry in Malawi, see a little more of the beauty of God’s creation, and make a long drive down the coast.

Road Trip 1 Day 11 1
2072.2 miles: Meet our travel agent – Ed Schreiber. Ed and his family have a very evident love for missions and missionaries. When he heard we were traveling through Oregon, he told us to stop by – so we did! They have a busy and fun home in Brookings, and though Ed and his oldest daughter were flying out Saturday morning, they welcomed us into their home Friday evening.

Road Trip 1 Day 11 2
After Ed left in the morning, his wife, Linda (on the far right), hosted a group of about 30 people so that we could share with them about Malawi. There were a number of families and lots of kids there. We had a great time with them! Matt and I both remember hearing from missionaries when we were kids, and our hope is that the Lord will stir their hearts to love Him more and serve Him more fully! Thanks Schreibers!

Road Trip 1 Day 11 3
2084.2 miles: On a tip from the Schriebers, we headed back north just a few miles to check out some scenery we had passed in the dark the night before. Along the way, we made a wrong turn and ran into a little rural life. We didn’t challenge their right to the road, just turned around and headed for the beach.

Road Trip 1 Day 11 4
2085.7 miles: And what a beach! Pistol River Beach is part of that truly beautiful south Oregon coast, and we loved it!

Road Trip 1 Day 11 5
A father and son were out riding horses on the coast.

Road Trip 1 Day 11 6
It was so cold that I bundled up in a ski jacket to stay warm!

Road Trip 1 Day 11 7
2108.0 miles: Heading south again, we made a quick stop at Radio Shack. With all the pictures Matt has been taking, we were in search of an adaptor that would allow us to plug a battery charger into the cigarette lighter in our car. We totally scored when we found an adaptor that gives us an additional lighter and a regular outlet plug. Know what I’m excited about? This will work in our car lighter in Malawi, and it’s 110 volts, so I can plug in all my USA kitchen appliances in Malawi! Just in case I’m making dinner in the car… =)

Road Trip 1 Day 11 8
2109.6 miles: A quick lunch at Zola’s a wood fire pizza restaurant

Road Trip 1 Day 11 10
We were able to talk with the lady at Zola’s for quite a while and enjoyed the comfortable, friendly familiarity of a small town. Thanks Zola’s!

Road Trip 1 Day 11 12
2167.6 miles: A last stop before sunset – Fernbridge.

2248.0 miles: We stopped at a Safeway grocery store along the way to get a little dinner. I felt a little weird taking a picture in the grocery store, so thought I’d take one outside the store. However, when we got outside, there were a bunch of men watching a couple of dogs fight and it was really a bit scary. Safeway didn’t feel so safe, so we decided to skip any pictures at that point.

And then, our mad dash through the darkness to Mount Hermon, California, and my parents’ house. It was 11:30pm by the time we arrived, but we made it, and are looking forward to a few days of rest and the chance to spend some time with my parents.

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