Got Support?

For those of you who haven’t heard last week’s amazing news about how God provided for us to leave for Malawi in less than three weeks from now, you really should take a moment to read our most recent newsletter!

got support
Got support? Yes! God has provided provisional support so that we can make the move to Malawi, and we’ve spent the last week marveling at a faithful God who takes care of us beyond all we can hope or imagine! We know that we couldn’t have orchestrated events to bring about what God has done in the last few weeks! No matter how hard we worked there is NO WAY we could have cleared all our paperwork and our container in Malawi in 36 hours. And then there was our support. We’d been raising support for 6 months; God provided what we needed in just one minute. We’re definitely keeping track of what God’s done, and we’ll look back on these days as testimony of God’s powerful goodness!

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