Date Night

When I posted on Facebook the other night that I was going on a date with my husband, I didn’t realize how many people would want to know what a date in Malawi looks like. I must interject here at the beginning and let you know that Matt is mortified that I have chosen to post this date for all to hear about. It’s nothing fancy. It’s not as elaborate as the morning he made breakfast for us and we had an early morning picnic in the park, and it’s not as exciting as the afternoon we got cited for hiking in a park with a mountain lion on the loose… But hey, it’s really and truly what we did on Friday night.

So here you go – date night in Malawi!

Date Night1
We started off with dinner at The Copper Pot, a restaurant in a local hotel. They’re known for their Chinese food, so we tried that – sweet and sour chicken and King Pow chicken (yes, King, not Kung). =) We talked and had a great time just checking out our surroundings and fellow diners.

Date Night2
And then off to the show! We jumped back in the van and headed home to catch the great classic – Swiss Family Robinson. What a great adventure story! We read the book together last year, and I do believe that in the last few weeks we’ve put to use 4 or 5 things we learned from the book…

That’s it! Date night in Malawi. The most important thing, and the thing that will make every date special is that it’s time I get to spend with my husband. God has blessed me so greatly with this wonderful man. I don’t want to take for granted any moment that I have with him, especially times like these when we can laugh, talk, and enjoy life together. I love you, Matt!

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