And We’re Back…

The current flood of posts comes to you courtesy of an extended period of very bad internet connection.  We had a great idea in November when we wrote about our intention to put more on the blog and make our newsletters a summary of what we had posted, but we didn’t really consider the fact that we live in a (slowly) developing country where internet connection is not on the list of reliable services.  So we’ve been stockpiling blog posts.

What did we do in the meantime?  We watched the blinking lights on our router.

Router Good

This is good.

Router Bad

This is bad.

See the difference?  One little light, second from the left, makes all the difference.  We don’t want to admit how many hours we’ve spent watching for that one little light to turn on.  Rachel has looked at the router so many times now that she finds herself drawn by force of habit to look at the router rather than the clock when she wants to know what time it is.

But it appears that we’re back, at least for now.  We’ll post as much as we can, but if we disappear again, you’ll know we’re waiting for that one little green light!

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