The Coriolis Effect

Ever wonder if the coriolis effect is true… if water spinning down a drain spins one direction in the northern hemisphere and the other direction in the southern hemisphere?  A few weeks ago friend of ours put us in touch with a girl on one of the Mercy Ships (currently docked in South Africa) to help her with a science project on the coriolis effect.  She was looking for people in the northern and southern hemispheres to help her out and take pictures of which direction the water spins when it drains out of a sink or tub.

Coriolis Effect Counterclockwise

The idea is that it spins one direction in the northern hemisphere, and the other direction in the southern hemisphere.  Well… the picture above is our bathroom sink.  Counterclockwise.

Coriolis Effect Clockwise

And this picture is our kitchen sink.  Clockwise.  I’m afraid we weren’t much help with the science project.  Maybe we’re too close to the equator?  Or maybe the coriolis effect on draining water really is an urban legend…

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  1. Aaron DeVandry says:

    You are so funny. I love the sense of humor and curiosity in your posts. We miss the Floreens.

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