The Great Floreen Roadtrips! Part 9

Day 12 was my day of rest. It was a Sunday, we were at my parents’ cabin, and it was a great day. We went to the morning service at First Baptist Church of San Lorenzo Valley, and then enjoyed a pot luck before we got to share with the church about Malawi. It is such a great church, and our souls were so refreshed by the message and the time with these great people!

Days 13 and 14 were a wonderful time to relax and hang out with my parents. It was my birthday too, so we got a little bit spoiled…

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 6
My parents’ awesome cabin in the redwoods! It’s on the grounds of the Mount Hermon Conference Center.

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 3
Dad and Mom took us to Shadowbrook for my birthday dinner. Thanks Dad and Mom – it was soooo fun!

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 2
I got a hot fudge sundae for my birthday.

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 4
The restaurant has a hillavator – somewhere between a gondola and an escalator.

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 5
Hanging out with Mom and Dad meant we got to do some “normal” things, like grocery shopping.

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 10
And a little bit of just sitting next to a warm fire.

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 7
As great as the cabin is, the surrounding area is just amazing!

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 8
Redwoods and creeks – hiking and exploring.

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 9
In the Jr High camp area, we found a great picture spot. Now, it’s kind of hard to take a self photo in one of these things… =)

Road Trip 1 Day 13-14 1
It was a great time of resting and catching up with my parents. Thanks for the hospitality, fun, and rest, Mom and Dad!

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