The Great Floreen Roadtrips! Part 10

The last day of our first roadtrip! We left my parents’ house around 9am, and decided to take Hwy 1 down the coast. I’d never done it before, so Matt played tour guide and we saw some beautiful sites!

Road Trip 1 Day 15 1
2558.6 miles: Thanks again, Mom and Dad!

Road Trip 1 Day 15 2
2565.6 miles: A bit of Costco gas to get us on the road.

Road Trip 1 Day 15 3
2611.6 miles: On a whim, we stopped to see the Carmel Mission.

Road Trip 1 Day 15 4
The building and the grounds were fascinating, maintaining much of the old-world charm.

Road Trip 1 Day 15 5
2622.0 miles: We skipped over the Pebble Beach / 17 Mile Drive, but the coast is so pretty in the Monterrey and Carmel area that we couldn’t help stopping for a picture or two!

Road Trip 1 Day 15 6
2625.0 miles: Bixby Bridge and the beautiful coastline!

Road Trip 1 Day 15 7
2635.6 miles: We stopped for lunch in the Big Sur area. Matt said it’s prettier in the summer, but it was still a great spot to sit by the river and eat lunch!

Road Trip 1 Day 15 8
We haven’t washed our car since we left on the trip… it’s getting a bit dirty now, and more gray than green.

Road Trip 1 Day 15 9
2649.2 miles: Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park. What can I say – just go if you ever possibly can. It’s one of only 2 spots on the Pacific coast where a waterfall lands right on the beach.

Road Trip 1 Day 15 11
2701.5 miles: Getting closer to sunset, we stopped at Hearst Beach to check out the pier and listen to an elephant seal bellow.

Road Trip 1 Day 15 12
2718.3 miles: Climbing the mountains going inland on hwy 46, we stopped for a last look at the ocean and the beautiful green hillside!

Road Trip 1 Day 15 13
2908.1 miles: Santa Clarita and our last stop for gas. We’re a little tired by this point.

Road Trip 1 Day 15 14
2911.2 miles: The end, back at the Tatlock’s house in Placerita Canyon.

We’re cleaning our apartment out today and running errands all over the place. Stay tuned, because Roadtrip 2 begins next Tuesday!

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