How to Move to Africa

Specific Instructions for Those Desiring to Move to Africa

1. Find one large living room – thanks Mama Flo!
2. Put everything you own in the USA in said living room.
3. Remove all items that are not Africa-worthy.
4. Pack all items in 4 boxes, distributing weight evenly – thanks both moms!
5. Weigh all boxes – thanks Dad Smith!
6. Remove all items that are too heavy to be Africa-worthy.
7. Repeat #5 and #6 for a long time.
8. Put the boxes in the car and head for the airport!

Moving and packing

We’ve completed through #7! We’re just finishing up the last couple things we need to do, and then we’re off to the airport! Our flight leaves at about 5:30pm, in just a few short hours! We’ll update when we arrive! =)

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