Arriving in Malawi

We’re here! In California time, we arrived at about 12:30am, and here in Malawi, that was about 9:30am on Wednesday the 20th. We had no problems with our connections, all our luggage made it, and we got to enjoy an 8 hour layover in London!

Malawi Arrival 9
The official “this is proof we’re in Malawi” picture. Notice the African man and the brick buildings with thatch roofs. And if you look closely, you’ll notice that we look really tired!

Malawi Arrival 3
Our layover in London was dedicated entirely to getting Matt into Westminster Abbey. This was attempt #5, and I’m happy to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! You can’t take pictures inside the abbey, so we had to settle for a picture outside, but with the tickets as evidence that we really did go in. And we did find the tomb of David Livingstone, explorer and missionary throughout Malawi and most of southeast Africa. =)

Malawi Arrival 2
It was a great trip! We enjoyed the travels, but it’s really nice to be here now, to finally be in Malawi.

We’re tired now, and after a couple more adventures, we’ll probably go to bed a little bit early and try to get as much rest as possible. We have only a few short days with Brian before he leaves to be with his very expectant wife in South Africa, so we need to be as alert as possible for those few days!

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