Treasure Hunting

We haven’t even been here for 12 hours, and we’ve already had our first adventure! Not that that surprises me, but this was a fun one, thanks to our friend Lukas.

Lukas had come to Malawi just a couple weeks ago with a short-term missions group from Grace Community Church. When he got back, he came to our going-away party, and gave Matt an envelope that he said we couldn’t open until we got to Malawi. Well, we were so curious, that it was about the first thing we did when we got here.

Malawi Arrival 7
The note told us to look under the night stand in our room…

Malawi Arrival 4
and what we found was a treasure map! So we followed the map to behind the water tower…

Malawi Arrival 5
to where “X” marked the spot, and Matt started digging!

Malawi Arrival 6
Not too far down, we found an old paint bucket, and inside – treasure! Lukas had left for us his extra kwacha (currency), and told us to go out to dinner. Thanks Lukas! That was awesome!

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