Some Assembly Required

In our blog post Home in a Box, we told the amazing story of how God provided for our container to arrive in Malawi and be released and unpacked within 2 days. Well, here’s what it all looks like now:

Container Checking 1
The container was unloaded into Brian’s office, so it’s basically a room stuffed with boxes now. We took a couple hours this morning to sort through everything and check for any damaged or missing items. We handled every box, opened a few, poked and prodded the larger items, and as far as we can tell everything made it and the only damage was a very small pin missing from our dining room table. I’m not at all worried about that, because I’m married to Mr. Fix-It!

Container Checking 2
And yes, there were a few items that have returned home to Africa…

Now we just need to find a house!

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