Since we arrived in the States about a month ago, we’ve been able to stay with the Floreen family in Camarillo.  We’ve enjoyed daily life with them, and been able to do some special things as well.  Last week Lorraine, Matt’s mom, took us blueberry picking!

Lorraine and Matt in Blueberry Field

Camarillo is an agricultural area, so there are all kinds of farms here!  The family who owns this blueberry farm allows friends and family to come pick for free just a couple days every year.  Yay for free berries!

Matt Picking Blueberries

Matt’s professional berry picking theories came in handy…

Blueberries in a Basket

So we came home with LOTS of berries!

Rachel in the Blueberry Fields

And ate a few!  Rachel must have eaten more than a few.  =)

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