Waiting for Baby Floreen

As we get closer to Baby Floreen’s due date (August 21) and to the GMI missionary conference (August 15-21), we’re starting to think that it would be nice if Baby Floreen showed up soon.  Today would be good.  Tomorrow is the next best option…  So we’re giving her motivational talks now.  And actions speak louder than words.

Rachel on the TrampolineOh yes she did.  Though jumping on the trampoline was a lot of fun, Rachel’s not convinced that Baby Floreen got the point.  No progress yet, so maybe we’ll just take another long walk.

PBC BulletinWe got a good laugh at the sermon title yesterday at Placerita Baptist Church.  We feel like we’re not the only ones who think that something should be happening any time now!  And thanks for the special music note too – very hopeful!

Matt holding Slias Rachel holding Titus

Meanwhile, we got another chance to practice our parenting skills on the new nephews.  Silas and Titus are just adorable!  They weighed in last week at 6 1/2 and 7 pounds – a reality check for us, because Baby Floreen is probably about that size!
So if you want to give us any name suggestions, you should do it soon!

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  1. Perhaps the little one has come since you wrote this! But I’ll be thinking of you and keeping you in prayer this week. Excited to hear when the big day comes!

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