A Passport for Abigail

In our latest newsletter, we introduced everyone to little Abigail Elizabeth, and asked you all to pray that we would be able to get her birth certificate and passport quickly so that we can return to Malawi on the 15th.  God is answering your prayers!  We were able to pick up Abigail’s birth certificate early last week, and on Tuesday of this week we had our appointment at the Federal Building to get her passport expedited.  They said it would be ready Friday and they’ll overnight it to us, so we should have it in hand by Monday at the latest.  Yay!  The Lord has been very kind to us and it appears we won’t have to change the dates of our return tickets.  Everything is on schedule for us to fly out next Wednesday!  Thanks for your prayers!

Abigail's Passport Photo

She was mostly awake and alert for her passport photo…

Abigail at the Federal Buildingbut the passport interview put her to sleep!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Her passport arrived today – Thursday! Now we just need to pack and head to the airport on Wednesday! Yay!

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